Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Support Shipment of Critical Medical Supplies to Ukraine

In a new initiative to bring critically needed medical supplies to Lviv City Children’s Clinical Hospital, CMCF has decided to turn to the power of the internet with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on

As war has broken out on Ukraine’s Eastern Border, resources have been redirected, resulting in critical shortages of basic medical supplies at hospitals and medical centers throughout the nation.  While training has always been Children’s Medical Care Foundation’s primary emphasis, CMCF’s Board of Trustees and Directors passed a special resolution at its fall meeting to spearhead this urgent campaign.

Campaign Capital Campaign Launched to Support LCCCH Renovation

Children’s Medical Care Foundation in partnership with California Association to Aid Ukraine have launched a capital campaign  to support the realization of the first “Pediatric Emergency and Trauma Center in all of Ukraine, located at the Lviv City Children’s Clinical Hospital.  

Until a few short months ago, Lviv City Children’s Clinical Hospital was on the path to becoming the first-of-its-kind in all of Ukraine Pediatric Pediatric Emergency and Trauma Center, with the ability to treat the nation’s most critical cases at a level that is on par with the West.  Since that time, national budgets have been re-prioritized away from healthcare and toward the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

Lviv City Children’s Clinical Hospital has steadily distinguished itself as a regional leader in pediatric care, and this Capital Campaign, with its preliminary budget estimate of $1.5 million, will fund renovation of four floors, including associated furnishings and medical accessories, enabling it to treat a greater proportion of the nation’s most serious pediatric healthcare challenges.  Donated medical equipment has already been secured.

Donations are being accepted.

Historic Fundraising Efforts

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