Annual President’s Report

CMCF President’s Annual Letter – December 2013

Bjoern Martinoff reported on the 20th Anniversary of CMCF’s Help the Children of Lviv program in Ukraine.  On March 15, 2013, Mr. Martinoff and Andriy Sadovy, the Mayor of the City of Lviv, signed the first “Declaration of Cooperation Agreement” which expanded CMCF’s “International Building of Medical Bridges” partnership of providing financial support to Ukrainian doctors to train at Polish Centers of Excellence.

In addition to formalizing the expansion of its partnership with the City of Lviv, CMCF’s Board approved funding for technical support to be provided in the planning phase the first “Pediatric Emergency and Trauma Center” in all of Ukraine, to be located at the Lviv City Children’s Clinical Hospital.  An agreement was signed between LCCCH and Karpiel Consulting, Inc., an American health care consulting firm with extensive expertise in hospital design, for the 4-floor complete renovation and modernization of the facility.

Former CMCF Fellow, and current Chair of the International Pediatric Transplant Association, Professor Piotr Kalicinski, organized the 7th Congress of the International Transplant Association, which was held in Warsaw in July.  This event was hailed as the most important congress highlighting recent advances in clinical and basic science related to pediatric transplantations.  CMCF also supported Fellowships for 12 Pediatric Specialist from Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania.  View More

CMCF President’s Annual Letter – December 2012

CMCF President, Bjoern Martinoff, summarized the 30th Anniversary of CMCF-sponsored Polish Pediatric Program in Krakow, as well as the new programs funded with a focus on a very specialized treatment for children.  One of these new programs includes funding a joint research collaboration between Dr. Alexandra Maria Adamczak and Loma Linda University to reduce smoking among pregnant women and new mothers.

CMCF also supported a collaborative effort between the Rehabilitation and Treatment Center in Wieliczka, Poland, and Lviv City Children’s Clinical Hospital for to improve treatment of chronic respiratory conditions using subterranneotherapy.

CMCF supports the establishment of the Dedicated Long Gap Esophageal Atresia Program in Gdansk, Poland.  CMCF funded a two-year fellowship to support Dr. Anna Raciborska to study Ewing Sarcoma, a rare form of  bone cancer affecting children and adolescents.