About Us

In 1981, CMCF was founded with the mission of improving the care and treatment of children. Our founder, a visionary and philanthropist, Dr. Stefan P. Wilk, recognized that the healthcare provided to children was inadequate in many parts of the world.  In spite of the tremendous advances in healthcare in some Western countries, this advanced care did not reach the pediatricians who practiced in some underprivileged regions and the children there did not share in the benefits brought on by modern medical knowledge and technology. Rather than providing medical equipment and supplies, CMCF is knowledge-based and focuses on bringing these dedicated doctors to teaching hospitals and universities throughout the United States, Western Europe and Oceania for a period of up to eight weeks to learn the most advanced medical information.  These doctors then return to their native countries, implementing the newly learned techniques in their treatment of patients, and sharing them with their colleagues.

These “Packages of Medical Knowledge” can change the care for children throughout an entire nation. Our philosophy is based on the ancient proverb “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

CMCF dedicates itself to building International Medical bridges between countries through the open exchange of knowledge, lasting professional associations and partnerships.  Our mission is to distribute the best pediatric medical knowledge around the world, ensuring that all children have equal access to the best medical care available.

Mission and Vision

Mission The mission of Children’s Medical Care Foundation is to ensure that the most advanced pediatric medical knowledge transcends borders and reaches a wide range of infants and children suffering from sickness and disease. CMCF goal is for all infants […]

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Strategic Objectives

CMCF’s vision  is achieved through the active leadership of the Board of Trustees and Directors, which  is comprised of committees in key areas that accomplish the goals and objectives. CMCF’s network of volunteers, health care professionals and government officials in […]

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Order of Merit Award

Begun in 1981 by Dr. Stefan P. Wilk, a prominent and pioneering Los Angeles-based Radiologist of Polish descent, the Children’s Medical Care Foundation sponsors and arranges training visits for promising Polish pediatricians at leading medical institutions around the world, who […]

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