Bjoern Martinoff, President

Bjoern Martinoff’s career included executive positions within real estate investment companies both at the national and domestic level, culminating in ownership of his own Property Investment/Management Company.

In 1982, Bjoern Martinoff joined the Children’s Medical Care Foundation as Vice-President of the Board of Directors.  He worked closely with its founder, Dr. Stefan Wilk, to develop resources and private sector support.  He worked continuously with Dr. Stefan Wilk and Mrs. Wanda Wilk for several decades to support and organize various fundraising events, and maintained a long term personal friendship with Dr. and Mrs. Wilk until their passing.

Bjoern Martinoff strongly supports the CMCF philosophy of providing “Packages of Medical Knowledge”, in the form of Fellowships to pediatric doctors who return to their countries and teach other doctors the new procedures.  When the new procedures and improvement are shared with doctors who specialize in prenatal, perinatal and pediatric care – many more infants and children will benefit with better health.

He has encouraged the “Building of International Medical Bridges” between various medical institutions and Fellows who have benefited from the initial pediatric training. Benefits include joint research, on-going professional relationships, participation in Pediatric Medical Conferences, International Speakers Fora and Symposia and the opportunity for medical consultations between countries for the purpose of exponentially improving the medical care of critically ill infants and children.

With the help of Board Members, country volunteers and doctors in various Eastern European medical institutions, he has directed the expansion of the Fellowship program to include: Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, as well as other countries where there is a need for pediatric training to improve the care of infants and children.

For his dedicated work, he has received international recognition as follows:

  • 2004 – Bjoern Martinoff, President is honored by the Polish Neonatology Society by receiving the title of Honorary Member of the Neonatology Society.
  • 2006 – CMCF celebrates its 25th anniversary with the Honorable Madam Maria Kaczynska, First Lady of the Republic of Poland, key polish doctors and several hundred supporters.  Board members received the “Krzyzem Oficerskim  Orderu awardj” issued by the Polish Government .
  • 2007 – Bjoern Martinoff received the Diploma of Honorary Membership in the Polish Association of Pediatric Surgeons in Bialystock, Poland.
  • 2012 – CMCF celebrated its 30th year anniversary with a majority of former CMCF Fellows as well as other Pediatric Specialists who attended the International Conference on Neonatology and Surgery in Krakow, Poland. Many of the CMCF Board Members attended this anniversary program and medical symposium. Board Members and the President received a commemorative gift recognizing the 30 year achievements in Poland with CMCF’s help.
  • 2013 – Bjoern Martinoff, President of CMCF was bestowed the Ukrainian Order of Saint George at the 20th year celebration of the LVIV Program in Ukraine.
  • An exciting historical event occurred at the 20th Year Anniversary celebration in Lviv, Ukraine. On March 15, 2013 Andriy Sadovyy, Mayor of Lviv, and the President of CMCF signed the first Declaration on “Cooperation on Cooperative Agreement” expanding CMCF’s “International Building of Medical Bridges” partnership of providing financial support for Ukrainian doctors to train at “Polish Centers of Excellence”.

In summary, Bjoern Martinoff  has been actively involved in developing and expanding new programs, overseeing the funding of innovative fellowships and maintaining regular communications with Poland and other countries.

He has frequently, consistently and effectively used “shuttle diplomacy” in conducting personal meetings with Rectors, Heads of Medical Departments and Government Official in Poland, Ukraine and other neighboring countries, thereby acquiring a wealth of knowledge on what the future holds and where the problem areas reside with respect to pediatric health issues coupled with local and national politics.