Shipment of Urgently Needed Medical Supplies and Equipment to Ukraine a Success


Laminar Case

LCCCH’s New Laminar Case for Sterile Infusions

The Lviv City Children’s Clinical Hospital is now better equipped to safely administer sterile infusions to its tiniest patients thanks to the delivery of a laminar case and a fresh supply of single-use medical supplies.

The delivery of these items was made possible by the hard work of Children’s Medical Care Foundation’s Board of Directors and the generosity of many donors and partner entities who have joined forces in an ongoing campaign aimed at bringing our 25-year partner’s medical inventories into parity with the skills and expertise of its staff, who are now regarded as the best trained in all of Ukraine.

The laminar case will help ensure that LCCCH’s littlest receive safe and sterile delivery of Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), antibiotics and other needed infusions, and stands to greatly reduce complications that often occur after peripheral vein access.

CMCF wishes to thank our goodwill partners, the California Association to Aid Ukraine (CAAU) and the Lions Club Gdansk Neptune, for their generous assistance in bringing this important upgrade into being. It was a true team effort that is already positively impacting patient care at LCCCH.

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