The mission of Children’s Medical Care Foundation is to ensure that the most advanced pediatric medical knowledge transcends borders and reaches a wide range of infants and children suffering from sickness and disease.  CMCF’s goal is for all infants and children to have equal access to the best medical care available.

Children’s Medical Care Program’s philosophy is to provide ”Packages of Medical Knowledge” in the form of Fellowships to Pediatric Specialists from participating medical centers and universities to train in the latest techniques and procedures at top medical centers in the United States, Poland and Western Europe.  CMCF is committed to building “International Medical Bridges” between countries through the open exchange of medical knowledge, building lasting relationships and alliances to transcend borders and reach a wide range of children suffering from sickness and disease CMCF Objectives assure that geography is not a boundary for medical knowledge.  CMCF aims to:image-4

  • Improve the health of infants and children in their native country through supporting innovative Fellowships that will expand access to the best medical care available.
  • Coordinate participation of physicians at international pediatric conferences, symposia and speakers forums.


Through the generosity of a special donor, the Baltics Pediatric Program became a reality with the first training emphasis in Riga, Latvia.  Read More